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The Smiffy Avatar - if you see this on the web, it's either me or an impostor. freelance accessible web application development and technology consulting business. I have considerable experience working with a number of diverse technologies, having come from an IT/network management role in an engineering/manufacturing environment and bring this experience to bear in innovative ways, when creating solutions for my clients. (I have been described as a creative problem-solver, and think that this has it pretty well in a nutshell.)

Whilst my core business is the development of web applications, with a little consulting thrown in for good measure, I am also engaging in research and development with the aim of diversifying the business to include the development of custom electronic products including environmental monitoring, modular technologies for interactive art, and 'gadgets' to aid independent living (assistive/adaptive technologies.)

I relish the challenges of more complex and unusual project specifications, especially when there is an opportunity to work across disciplines, to encounter and learn about unfamiliar technologies and businesses, or to dust off and apply old knowledge that I just knew would come in useful one day!

Get to know me as @smiffy on Twitter, or see my LinkedIn page for my professional professional and bona fides. I have an infrequently updated blog, where I publish occasional technical articles and other miscellanea.

Can I be of assistance? Want to know more? Drop an e-mail to matt @ smiffytech . com, send me a @message on Twitter, or contact me through LinkedIn.

'Soft' Technologies

'Hard' Technologies

Note: the above lists are not exhaustive, but show the technologies that I use the most.